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DJ Jayde – I Love Music

I love music lol I really, really do! I appreciate you taking the time to read about why lol I grew up an only child born in Hartford, CT and raised in Houston, TX. No sharing or play dates, just a latch key kid with a radio. I know that’s the case for a lot of people. For whatever reason, we just happened to have more free time and were glued to the radio at a young age. And the music was GOOD!!!! Not that the music today isn’t. It’s just different.

My parents had a record player and then tapes and then cd’s and my father always made sure to have a surround sound and stereo system in the house. And man did he love his Bose speakers! Coincidentally, I recently found out from my Dad that he always wanted to be a DJ. I love that!!!No wonder I was exposed to so many different genres of music. My father was a funk and Motown connoisseur and my Mom was a singer. You knew my Mom was feeling some type when the slow sad love songs came on and she started singing and cleaning and  you knew she was happy when the Latin freestyle and everything in between started going and she was singing and dancing! I learned to love singing from my Mom. I learned to appreciate sound and music from my Dad.

I spent most of my life relying on my brains lol which hurts sometimes. It got to the point where my brain REFUSED to do even the simplest of math after 5 pm and on the weekends. I mean that. It refused. That’s because I used it a lot during the day for complex math and writing in the civil litigation, medical malpractice and any other type of law that brought a check in legal field lol I was practically an attorney and I told myself that becoming an attorney might just be in my future if I kept that type of work going. But something was missing. Something. It was dull, stressful and overwhelming. I felt like I had way too much personality to be stuck behind a desk typing 80 words per minute. I still kept my spirits high despite and usually got a kick out of my work day by making my coworkers laugh hysterically, by any means necessary. I got a kick out the facial reactions I’d get from the filthy polluted filth that spewed out of my mouth lmao I don’t know how I didn’t get written up or sued for some type of sexual harassment working with a bunch of attorneys and legal people lmao That’s how I kept hope alive though, in one of the most miserable professions on the planet. The poor civil litigation paralegal.

Which is how I found my way back to music!! One of my coworkers introduced me to the world of karaoke. OMG. I loved it!!I had never done it before!!! Once I started I was hooked. And when my coworker stopped going, I went alone. I was the crazy, loud, twerking rocker! Who would dance ALL NIGHT LONG! When I sing, some of my musical influences are Pink, Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige and Alicia Keys. But maaaaan do I love singing classic rock! I think I learned that from my Mom listening to all that Phil Collins and Elton John and George Michaels. So l learned the soft rock and classic rock from my Mom.

The karaoke DJ on the night I went out was a fun loving and free, short little blue haired doll who rocked it with her voice and personality when she Dj’d. Eventually I’d mosey on over there onstage with her and stand behind her staring at her computer monitor and apologizing for being up in her 3 feet lol But I loved her, and she loved me and she blessed me with her knowledge of sound and hook up and equipment and business and everything in between. We started an all female DJ Trio called The Royal Beats Dj Service. We were white chocolate, dark and caramel, all the flavors you would want at your party lol I eventually was able to quit my day job as a miserable paralegal and Karaoke DJ full time, which was a blessing.

I never left the state of CT to DJ, but I did drive ALL over Connecticut. Sometimes my gig would be an hour and a half away and I’d be home by 3:30 a.m. exhausted and sore because I was a one woman show with no roadie lol When I DJ, and I see the connection I can have with people I don’t know, from all walks of life and all colors and sizes, I think it is the most amazing connection to have with a human being. Realizing that we are not all that different. That that one song, will make the both of us jump up from our seat, look over at each other like “really?” “LET’S DANCE” and just smile and let go. Or even make us cry. I love it. It brings me peace, love and joy.

When I moved out of state, I let God drive the wheel, literally, I drove down here with a 15 foot uHaul, dragging my car on a full trailer and all my belongings and my dogs, and my daughter and my boyfriend in the front cabin. It was a crowded long scary trip. I was the only driver and I could not travel faster than 50mph with everything I was carrying plus my precious cargo. The other drivers around me did not appreciate that and three days later with white knuckles and numb fingers, I arrived in Sunny Central Florida to be with my mom, who I hadn’t been with in 4 years since she moved down here.

I adamantly told the family. IDGAF I am not going back to the legal field! The legal field can bite me! So when an opportunity at Kiss 107.5 FM arose, I jumped. I had prior radio experience, but nothing like what I encountered here at Kiss. I am still learning so much and at the end of my internship I was given the titles of Music Director, Asst Program Director, Radio Host of 4 shows and Office Manager. Whaaaaaatttt….This is a walk in the park though compared to drawing up a summons and complaint and having it served by a marshal and returning the return of service back to court 7 days prior to the return date and keeping track of allllll thaaaatttt Craaaaaap! I can’t even. I’m also a proud mommy of 3 awesome kids…I’m not going to tell you their ages because then you’ll wonder my age lol ANYWAYS,  I appreciate you taking the time out to listen to me blah blah blah like I do all week long during my shows lol click on Dj’s to see pics of my conquests and a schedule of when you can catch me on air!

Make sure you download that TuneIn mobile app and take us with you Everrrrywhere you go! and be sure to tell a friend to tell an out of state friend to TuneIn at WFHT. Catch me live on KissTV at for a behind the scenes look of my crazy work day. I run around a lot and I talk to myself a lot, and chances are, with a camera up in my face all day, I may just do some embarrassing crap, which I didn’t think about when I signed up for this gig, but oh well lol If you need a DJ for your next event, contact me at (that’s djdarkzerosyde) Shouts out to my PrettyBoss team in CT. Check out our FB fanpage at PrettyBoss and shouts out to my Fleet Dj’s Fam! Can’t wait to meet you at the conference! Super shouts out to Jesus who shone His light on me in 2014 and saved me from my darkness. I am now accused of being the Happiest Woman in the World 2017. Amen.

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